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This new feature at UTECH North America brings small “learning bites” to the trade show floor. UTECH North America has created this opportunity to ASK THE EXPERT in all areas relevant to the polyurethanes industry. These brief chats in our ASK THE EXPERT corner stand allow for intimate conversation and Q & A.

We will have a full program of experts presenting for 15 minutes each on their area of expertise. They might talk about a new product, service or technology, answer your questions, or just pique your interest enough for a follow up conversation.

Ask the Expert Location: Booth #850

If you have any questions about this feature, please contact Meaghan Crawford at


10:30 AM--10:45 AM   Release Agents - Best Practices
Dan Shuler, Chem-Trend

10:45 AM--11:00 AM   Achieve Formulation Improvements: Examples of EMEROX® Polyol Performance Advantages
Eric Geiger, Emery Oleochemicals, LLC

11:00 AM--11:15 AM   Mix Heads
Mike Hendrickson, MHR, Inc.

11:15 AM--11:30 AM   IDM Instruments: A Measurable Difference
Josh Bydak, IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd.

11:30 AM--11:45 AM   New Hydrolytically Stable Polyester Polyols
Helen Wu, Gantrade Corporation

11:45 AM--12:00 PM   Matching chemistry with the appropriate mixing technology
Stephen Hoffman, Edge-Sweets Company [ESCO] 

1:30 PM--1:45 PM      Improvements to Metering Pump Technology
Donelle Capriotti, Wanner Engineering / Hydra-Cell

1:45 PM--2:00 PM      How to Produce Quality Sandwich Panels with Consistency
Tony Green, The Bradbury Group

2:00 PM--2:15 PM      Cost Improvement Opportunities
Bob Biondich, Hennecke, Inc.

2:15 PM--2:30 PM      Novel Use of CO2 Based Polypropylene Carbonate Polyol in CASE Applications
Calvin Shen, Aramco Performance Materials, LLC

2:30 PM--2:45 PM      Repi , LLC  - pigments, additives and equipment for use in polyurethane application
Richard Romero, Repi, LLC

2:45 PM--3:00 PM      Urethanes in Future Markets
Shay Sharon, Daicel ChemTech, Inc.

3:00 PM--3:15 PM      Excellent Curing Agent for Polyurea and Epoxy Resin - Polyetheramine
Gary Wang, IRO Chemical Co., Ltd.

3:15 PM--3:30 PM      Hiring the Best People In a Talent Shortage
Mark Timler & David Hatch, Polymer Specialties, Inc.

3:30 PM--3:45 PM      Foam Tooling & Equipment Advantages - FRIMO Mexico Operations
Carl Szczygiel, FRIMO, Inc.

3:45 PM--4:00 PM      Low Free PU Prepolymers using short path evaporation
Bob Schavey, VTA GbhH & Co., KG

10:30 AM--10:45 AM   BENEBiOL – The Next Generation in Sustainable Polycarbonatediol
Yoshikazu Kanamori, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

10:45 AM--11:00 AM    “Achieve best-in class durability of your polyurethane elastomers thanks to breakthrough ETERNACOLL® polycarbonate diols and ETERNATHANE® prepolymers”
Dr. Manuel Colera, UBE America, Inc.

11:00 AM--11:15 AM    Gusbi/Autec Automated Jounce Bumper Machine Cell
David Rivet, GUSBI S.P.A.

11:15 AM--11:30 AM    Baumer - Expert in Engineering
Terry Borchard, Baumer of America, Inc.

11:30 AM--11:45 AM    Plant Improvement through 3D Scanning
Michael Heitmann, PURPLAN USA, Inc.

11:45 AM--12:00 PM    Nexeo's Solutions for Urethane Customers
Aaron M Rath, Nexeo Solutions, LLC

1:15 PM--1:30 PM     Meet Jiahua, meet Polyol
Mark Bradley, Jiahua Chemicals, Inc.

1:30 PM -- 1:45 PM    Using IMS Instruments for the Real Time Detection of TDI in Plants
Frank Thibodeau, Bruker Detection

1:45 PM--2:00 PM    Flow Meter Resolution & Accuracy
Tony Marsaglia, IC Flow Controls, Inc.

2:00 PM--2:15 PM    Polyurethane resins and dispersions
Mauricio Zayrik / Vianey de Dios, Simón Química

2:15 PM--2:30 PM    KRACHT CORP, Direct source for KRACHT Quality Transfer Pumps & Precision flow meters for the PUR Industry
Ralph Knopp, KRACHT Corp.

2:30 PM--2:45 PM   The role of professional ISO-17024 certification addressing the unique handling and proper installation of insulation and roofing in the SPF market
Kurt Riesenberg, Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA)

2:45 PM--3:00 PM   Sprayfoam insulation and roofing energy and environmental benefits, Life Cycle Assessment, and opportunities in the industry
Dr. Richard Duncan, Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA)

3:00 PM--3:15 PM   Looking at new low global warming potential blowing agents in the spray foam industry, case studies, the global market and US regulations
David Williams, Honeywell

3:30 PM - 3:45 PM   The advantages of spray foam as an exterior application to better achieve continuous insulation requirement
Grant Ostvig, Demilec

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