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10:30am   Introduction to UTECH North America

Brennan Lafferty, Vice President and Group Publisher, Crain Global Polymer Group

10:35am   Chairman’s welcome

Simon Robinson, EditorUrethanes Technology International



10:40am   Overview of recent market & pricing developments in polyurethanes chemicals

Robert Peacock, ConsultantICIS Consulting

11:10am   Challenges and opportunities for the North American polyurethane industry

John Televantos, Partner, Arsenal Capital Partners

11:40am   Key raw material pricing trends in the global PU market

Darrel Collier, Business Manager, Polyurethanes & Intermediates,Tecnon OrbiChem

12:10pm   MDI/TDI costs of production

Chris Flanagan, Consultant, Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit




1:50pm   Chair's introduction to the session

2:00pm   Performance advantages of CO2 containing polyols from tunable catalyst systems

Mark Andrews, Senior Scientist, Application Development, Econic Technologies

2:30pm   Highly aromatic polyols for rigid foams

Ganapathy Viswanathan, Scientist,Hexion Specialty Chemicals

3:00pm   Effects of HFO 1233zd/Pentane blends on the performance and properties of a polyisocyanurate foam system

Joe Costa, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Arkema

3:30pm   Life cycle approaches to sustainably manage materials in building and infrastructure projects

Paul Bertram, CSI Distinguished Member, (and former Director of Environment and Sustainability, Kingspan)

4:00pm   Summary from the chair and session close

Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International

10:30am   Chairman’s welcome

Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International



10:40am   Using IMS technology to detect isocyanates in foam plants

Frank Thibodeau, Vice President Business Development, Bruker Detection Corporation

11:10am Four modules to support customer processes: B+ Connect: the new networking platform

Ronald Pugaczewski, Sales & Key Account Manager, Baumer

11:40am   New flexible processing solutions for open-pouring refrigerator doors

Bob Biondich, Director of Sales, Hennecke

12:10pm   New generation multi-component EasyFroth and MHs with direct injection for HFOs

Andrea Bartolini, Technical Sales Manager, Cannon USA

12:40pm nbsp; Setting the bar through emission and odor management in the polyurethane industry

Jacob Paule, Technical Service Representative, Evonik Corporation

1:10pm   Silicone Chemistry: Volatility impacts & unique molecules for PU foams

James Young, Associate TS&D Scientist, The Dow Chemical Company

Aayush Shah, Global Polyurethane Additives TS&D Coordinator, The Dow Chemical Company

1:40pm   Plant-based odorant additive for polyurethane foam applications

Emmanuel Pretet, Textile Engineer, Breyner

Lidwine Navarro, Business Manager, Breyner




2:40pm Chair’s introduction to the session

2:45pm   BENEBiOL new generation polycarbonatediols for elastomer & PUD

Yoshikazu Kanamori, Manager, Global Technical Solutions Team, Benebiol, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp (Japan)

3:15pm   Applying state of the art chemical free rubber de-vulcanization technology in TPU recycling

Marc Couturier, General Manager, Non-Automotive New Business Development, Toyota Tsusho Canada

Tim Cornell, General Manager, Green Metals Canada (a Toyota Tsusho subsidiary company)

3:45pm   High performance and sustainable azelate polyols for coatings

Mark Anater, Chemist, Emery Oleochemicals

4:15pm   Polycarbonate diol-based polyurethane sealants with improved weathering and chemical resistance intended for building and construction

Manuel Colera, Atlantic Business Development and Marketing Manager, Fine Chemicals Business Unit, UBE

4:45pm   Summary from the chair and session close

Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International

10:30am   Chairman’s welcome

Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International



10:40am   Novel use of converge polyols in CASE application

Jayanta Chattopadhyay, Application Development Engineer, Application & Market Development Division, Aramco Performance Materials

11:10pm   Engineered polysaccharides as reactive components for thermoplastic urethanes

Christian Lenges, Business Development Manager, DuPont

11:40am   Bio renewable, high performance polyurethane dispersions

Matthew Terwillegar, Manager, New Business Development, Myriant Corporation

12:10pm   Future of Caprolactones

Shay Sharon, Chemical Sales Engineer, Daicel

12:40pm   Summary from the chair and conference close

Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International

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