Conference Programme :: UTECH North America 2016

Utech North America 2016 - Conference Programme


Day one – 6th April

Theatre 1


10.00  Chairman’s Welcome
Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International

10.10  The Next Generation of Polyurethanes
          Chris Chrisafides, Commercial Vice President, Dow Polyurethanes at The Dow Chemical Company

10.40  North American Polyurethane: Global Snapshot and Strategic Outlook 
           Rob Outram, Director, IAL Consultants

11.10  How the 2°C Paris COP21 Agreement Drives Low Carbon Building Energy Efficiency
           Paul Bertram, Director, Environment and Sustainability/Government Affairs, Kingspan Insulated Panels  

11.40  Refreshment break

Theatre 1

Chaired by: Jeff Rowlands, Director, Green Urethanes Limited

12.10  Next generation novel polyols, raising the bar of high performance polyurethanes
Wolfgang Gueking, Technology Development Manager, Croda

12.30  Production of Biobased Polyester Polyols for New Polyurethane Applications
           Bob Miller, Account Manager, North America, DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products

12.50  Application of bio-based polycarbonate diol in polyurethane elastomer
           Changxun Ju, Technical Engineer, Wanhua

1.10  Converge CO2-based Polyols for Rigid Foam Insulation
           Michael Nagridge, Applications Development Manager, Novomer 

1:30  LUNCH

Chaired by: Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International

2.30   Noise and Harshness Reduction by using MCE and solid fillers in the automotive industry
             Marten Beiersdorf, Head of Sales, KLÖCKNER DESMA

2.55  New Technology for Automotive Molded Flexible Foam Seating
             Ronald Grossman, Foam Technology Project Technical Leader, Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies

3.30  Refreshment break

4.00  Automotive comfort and lightweighting; squaring the circle
          Andrew Kee, Global Director of Chemical Development, The Woodbridge Group

4.25  How to reduce the Carbon Footprint: a new INSPUR based artificial leather
Greta Lanzarotti, Project Manager, INSPUR
          Claudio Lasagna, Production Director, INSPUR

4.50  Summary from the Chair

5.00  Session Close


Theatre 2

Chaired by: Mark Listermann, Senior R&D Scientist Urethane, Elé Corporation

12.10    PURe mix head technologies with servo controlled orifice cartridges
              Brent Gawne, C.E.T., Polyurethane Business Manager, FRIMO

12.30   On Line Premix Technology
             Steven Hoong, General Manager of Sales, Rim Polymers Industries

12.50   The use of compression machinery, re: storing and/or transportation
             Christian Verzelloni, US Sales Manager, Dolphin Pack

1.10   Dual axis mixing method for polyurethanes
             Payam Towfigh, President, StateMix

1.30 LUNCH

Chaired by Jeff Rowlands, Director, Green Urethanes Limited

2.30   Innovative Metering, Mixing and Dispensing Equipment for continuous flexible-facing panels production, specifically developed for use of solid fire retardants with PIR formulations.
           Eric Burrill, Product Manager, Cannon USA

2.55  Recent Advances in the Stabilization of PU Flexible Foam
            Thomas Hopfmann, Innovation Market Development Manager, Addivant Global Technology

3.30  Refreshment break

4.00    Performance Comparisons of Renewable Resource Polyols in Flexible Slabstock Polyurethane Foam
            Michael Brooks, Research & Technology Development, Emery Oleochemicals
         Greg Hunt, Business Manager, Eco-Friendly Polyols – Flexible Foams & CASE, Emery Oleochemicals

4.25  Summary from the chair

4.35 Session Close



Day 2 – 7th April

Theatre 1

Chaired by Jeff Rowlands, Director, Green Urethanes Ltd

10.00 Bio-Based Succinic Acid: A Building Block for Succinate Polyester Polyols in Modified Thermoplastic Urethanes for Elastomers and Hot Melt Adhesives
         Bill Coggio, Global Applications and Technology Support Manager, Bio Amber

10.20   Biobased 1,5-pentanediol and polyvalerolactone polyol: Unique C5 polyol for green polyurethane
             Jianglin Hu, Technical Engineer, Wanhua

10.40   Soy Polyols – a Sustainable Bio-Material for the Global Polyurethane Industry
             Phil Sarnacke, Plastics Commercialization Manager, United Soybean Board

11.00 Refreshment break

11.30   Soybean Board Cashew Nutshell Liquid based Polyols and Diols: Their Hydrophobicity and Outstanding Durability
             Yun Mi Kim, Technical Marketing Manager, Cardolite Corporation

11.50 Sustainability round table - Additives and Formulated Products
Session chair: Mark Listermann, Specialist in Polyurethane

  • Phil Sarnacke, Plastics Commercialization Manager, United Soybean Board
  • Jeff Rowlands, Director, Green Urethanes Ltd
  • Wolfgang GuekingTechnology Development Manager, Croda
  • Peter Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Novomer


12.30 LUNCH


Chaired by Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International

1.30  Reactive Diluents for Achieving High Solids Acrylic Polyurethane Coatings
             Christopher LetkoSenior Chemist,, The Dow Chemical Company

1.55  Target polycarbonatediol based prepolymers as raw materials for TPUs for special heating and chemical applications
            Manuel Colera, Business Development Manager, UBE America

2.20  New catalyst technology for polyurethane coatings and elastomers
            John Mcchesney, Global General Manager, Dorf Ketal Speciality Catalysts

2.45  Improving the pultrusion process through the use of polyurethane chemistry
            Kevin Meyer, Associate Scientist, Dow Polyurethanes

3.10  Chairman's round up

3:15 Session Close


Theatre 2

Chaired by Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International

10.00   Development of Novel Multi-Metal and Amine Catalyst Blends for Polyurethane Applications
            Brandon Parks, Technical Manager, Reaxis

10.25  Effect of the silicone surfactant reactivity on the properties of rigid polyurethane foams
          Josep Nadal, Technical Manager for PU Additives, Concentrol USA Corp

11.00 Refreshment break

11.30    Advances in Polyurethane Rigid Pour-in-Place Foam using Bio-Based Polyols and Methylformate Blowing Agent
             David Modray, Senior Formulation Chemist, Foam Supplies, Inc.

11.55  Novel High Bio Based Content Polyester Polyols for Rigid Pour in Place and Spray Foam Applications
           Jeff Sowder, Senior QC Analytical Chemist, Emery Oleochemicals
           Joe Lynch, Business Development Manager Eco-Friendly Polyols, Emery Oleochemicals


12.30 LUNCH



Chaired by: Mark Listermann, Senior R&D Scientist Urethane, Elé Corporation

1.30  Introduction of Innovation R&D platform for polyurethane- Wanhua
Shi Bin , Technical Engineer, Wanhua

1.50  Simulation as a Tool to Design and Understand Urethane Formulations
            Galen Suppes, Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Missouri

2.10   Thawing the Challenges Associated with Pure 4,4’-Methylenediphenyl Diisocyanate
            Will HeanerApplication Development and Tech Services Associate, The Dow Chemical Company

2.30  BLOWING AGENTS Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent and Solstice® Gas Blowing Agent
            Mary Bogdan, Senior Principal Scientist, Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies

2.50  Effects of HFO 1233zd/cyclopentane Blends on the Performance and Properties of an Appliance System
            Joseph Costa, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Arkema

3.10  Using Militarily Designed Instruments for Industrial Applications
Frank Thibodeau, Vice President for Business Development, Bruker Detection

3.30  Biodegradable Poly Capralactone Triol Based Polyurethane Foam as Damping Insole Material
Moumita Mukherjee, Central Leather Research Institute, India

3.50 Summary from the chair

4.00 Session Close


Attending the Conference -The rate for attending the Conference is $180 per person per day or $265 for the two days. Please note, lunch is not included in this rate, there will catering areas on the show floor to purchase food from.


Please note: the programme is subject to change


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